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Netpay International provides merchants with a wide range of simple, secure, and easy-to-use payment solutions. Thanks to our advanced, constantly updated transaction software, and experienced team of specialists.

  • GTW

    Easy to integrate payment processing system, helps optimized your website and management structure.
  • Payment Processing

    Credit card, debit card and alternative payment transaction compatibility, utilizing only the most stringent data security standards.
  • Mobile

    Effortless mobile payment enablement.
  • Alternative payments

    Among our most common alternative solutions: bank transfers, direct debit, pre-paid cards.
  • Multi Processing Methods

    Choose the product that is right for your business; Virtual Terminal, Mobile Swipe Credit Card Reader, Silent Post Transaction, Hosted Payment Page, Storefront Service.
  • Multi-Currency

    Receive payments for goods and services in a variety of currencies.
  • Flexible Billing

    Manage your payments the way you like them via; Installments, Membership or Subscription.