ACH payment processing

ACH cash handling comes easy at Netpay

We do it for you. Netpay provides you with an advanced and worthwhile ACH solution for your own in-house use as well as accepting ACH payments. Whatever you choose to do, we will be there with the best service and rates for you.


Payroll services of the highest level

Netpay sets you free from the need of an in-house payroll management team. Now you can save money by using one secure, safe and easy going system to manage your profit and employees payroll. We enable you to focus on what really matters and that’s increasing profit for your business.

  • Simple payments
  • Fund deposits to any account
  • Payments and payouts to pre-determined auto recurring clients
  • Create client database for efficient management
  • One time information input – auto recurring payment charges
  • Clients satisfaction: increase loyalty & engagement
  • Electronic process for better cash flow
  • Fast payments




More organization, More savings

Proper organization is one of the keys for success while saving time and money. You’ll soon find that by organizing your payments your cash management will improve while costs are reduced.

Now you can easily organize an excel document containing routing numbers, account numbers, names and amounts. Once created you can save the document, upload it to your ACH payment processing system and let your transactions perform instantly as a bulk batch.

You benefit more from batch processing as you save money on transaction fees for an entire group. This applies both for merchants and customers who have recurring billing.



Batch payment & affiliate processing

With our ACH system you can create an ACH administrator account for other ACH merchants processing under one account, where administrators can manage payouts and collect form each affiliate processing system. This is part of our affiliate features enabling you to conduct your business with ease.

This affiliate system enables the administrator to collect a percentage for each transaction a merchant does within the system. This simplifies everything for you saving you time and money.



Rules & regulations

NACHA, the electronic system association has successfully administrated the private sector operating rules since 1974 governing the exchange of ACG payments and defining the roles and responsibilities of financial institutions and other participants in the ACH Network. The NACHA Operating Rules work in concert with applicable laws and regulations to provide legal and business foundations for the use of ACH payments.

The NACHA Operating Rules are amended through a deliberative and inclusive process similar to that used by Federal agencies under the Administrative Procedures Act. This allows participants in the ACH Network – commercial banks, community banks, credit unions, large corporation, small businesses, consumer advocates, and industry vendors – the opportunity to comment on proposed rule changes.

Private-sector rulemaking provides the flexibility to promptly identify and respond to participant requirements and new technologies, and to define in sufficient detail the roles and responsibilities of participants in the ACH Network. From this foundation, the NACHA Operating Rules promote innovation, efficiency, and provide security and certainty regarding ACH payments.