Chargeback prevention

Prevent sales loss by chargeback issues

Fraud detection


It is essential to protect your business against chargebacks

Chargebacks are basically credit card refunds, but in the world of e-commerce the can really put in danger your merchant account. The thing is that consumer can try and circumvent the merchants by requesting refunds from the issuing bank itself. These requests may cause unforeseen costs, loss of profit, accounting difficulties and could lead to a termination of the merchant’s account.

By using a real time tracking and reporting tools you can protect your business from unwarranted chargebacks.


Dashboard tools

Netpay’s NextGen dashboard enables you to monitor transactions in real time and personalize your settings so you can decline transactions that are likely to be chargebacks.



Our database for you

We give you full access to our database of IP addresses that have been flagged for chargeback or fraud issues. By this we increase the security level for you r account.



Increase protection, fewer expenses

Netpay’s fraud protection helps you minimize unauthorized transaction by scrubbing fraudulent attempts before they are processed. We protect you from chargeback fees as well as inventory loss.

Constantly secure


Keep smart and keep safe

Netpay has years of experience helping merchants enlarging their business. We offer to open accounts for free. Lower fees on our services and we are always there for them if and whenever they need us.

It is just the same when it comes to our merchant credit card processing services and chargeback prevention. We work together with customers’ and merchants’ banks to facilitate fast, simple transactions. One of the many little problems merchants encounter is “chargeback” – it is when the acquiring bank demands a retailer recoup any losses the bank might have if a client returns or nullifies a transaction. Actually on every credit card processing services multiple parties collect fees on any given transaction.

It is our obligation to our clients to constantly protect them and provide them with a secure, safe and hassle free environment for their business to grow in.