Custom reporting

Quick access to all or your transaction reports

Advanced dashboard


Real time information regarding your transactions

Netpay’s enables you to keep track of your transaction from anywhere in the world. Once integrating our user friendly advanced system into your existing or new e-commerce platform you’ll receive real times updates regarding your account even on your mobile device.

By logging in to our online portal you can receive full in-depths reporting tools available at any time of your convenience. Our system will provide you with a full summery of your transactions, custom summery reports as well as monitor real time fraud scrubbing. It is our obligation to allow you to keep a close eye on your account while enabling you safe, reliable and fraud free management of it.


Netpay provides you and merchants with real time push notifications regarding chargebacks, messages and all the important and relevant updates.



Continues reporting

Our dashboard portal is available on any platform or device enabling merchants to keep track and review analytics regarding their transactions, aggregate data and manage information from anywhere in the word.