Online credit card processing

This is the simplest way to accept payments on your website, so sign up now get approved today and receive you merchants’ rate as low as 1%.


Accept payments on your website Worldwide acceptance of all credit cards

Creating a partnership with Netpay will empower you capabilities to receive worldwide credit card payments online. Our company is a premium rated online credit card processor and the best choice when in need of a fully secured payment gateway. We are the ideal solution for new and existing online businesses with websites going live. We offer a flat rate of 1% as we sustain partnerships with over 1000 acquired banks worldwide. Our range of extensive services fit all types of business regardless of its size. By signing up to day you can start accepting credit cards hassle free.



Are you ready to accept online payments?

By choosing Netpay as your primary payment processor you benefit from our relationships with over 100 acquired banks and many currencies worldwide. We will protect your business and all of your transactions with our PCI Level 1 Compliance system and state of the art Fraud Scrub technology while tracking your transactions with a robust reporting system and payment gateway. Start now and integrate within 12 hours.


Do you already accept credit card on your website?

If so feel free to use Nerpay international as a backup plan and choose our services as an alternative payment option. You can send us your declined transactions or accept alternative payment methods if your other payment processor cannot cope.

In our experience many of our clients have integrated our alternative payment option and have been able to save an average of 12% of their total sales, recover 68% of their previously declined online credit card processing transactions.

Netpay enables you to process with a wide range of credit card including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and many other international payment options.



Your business at hand

Our all-inclusive dashboard is available for you on your desktop and mobile device once you’ve downloaded our app. this way you are free to manage your business wherever you are and whenever you want, with our real-time information and advanced tools.


Us the best

By using the best online payment services you can accept credit card payments within 12 hours from registration with the lowest rates in the business. We provide you with freedom to accept payments from a variety of businesses as long as the pass our screening.


Worldwide options

At Netpay there are no borders as we understand that business is conducted worldwide in various currencies. Therefor we are here for you 365 days a year, 24/7 to help and assist you with anything you need small as big.


Security at its highest level

Security has become a major factor for online businesses and anyone making online payments. We provide credit card processing services with a state of the art security system that features customizable fraud scrub, Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance and many more. Our all-inclusive security grants you peace of mind with every payment process you and your clients do.


We fit solution to your business

We believe in personalizing our services to our clients’ needs big or small. Feel free to contact us today and get the perfect solution for your business.



A popular solution for small and mid-sized businesses providing cost effective online credit card processing services. Quickpay is easily integrated into your existing order software management software and shopping cart, enabling you to accept and receive credit card payments in the most secure way.

Cost effective design

Accepts almost every worldwide currency

Extensive plugins


Direct integration

A versatile payment processing system suited for large corporations with high volume of online sales. The system easily integrates with your shopping cart and order management software, while providing a true meaning to personalization and maintaining your brand. This is a great solution for a business that depends on online sales.

Custom design to fit your store

Hosted checkout process

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