Secure credit card processing

The uncompromising security standards of Netpay

Netpay’s number one goal is to constantly protect its client’s information and their online assets. That is why we apply the strictest security standards in the business. As believe that a world leader must set an example and continuously strive to provide its clients with protected and secure credit card processing and payment processor services.

We have implemented our online propriety fraud scrub technology so each and every online transaction is fully protected, maintaining our clients safety and our reputation as one of the best secure payment processors in the business. In an ever dynamic world and market it is up to us to constantly evolve and develop innovative ways to secure our clients and merchants.



Our secure payment gateway features include:

  • Fraud Scrub: Our proprietary Fraud Scrub is customizable and adjustable
  • Securely Encrypted SHA-256 SSL: SSL keeps your data communication safe
  • Top-Level Compliance: PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant



What is PCI compliance?


Netpay’s affordable security and safety

Did you know that 80% of security attacks are against small business? Do you know that most of them may not have the in-house resources to deal with the problem effectively? Are you aware that if secure credit card processing data is stolen, a merchant that is not PCI compliant could be fined up to $500,000 per incident, penalized, and even have their right to accept credit cards revoked?

That is why we provide our clients with the highest level of security to secure their payment gateway. It is our responsibility to protect their data at all times while maintaining their PCI compliance. Therefor when you direct your transactions to secure payment processing from Netpay you ensure that you and your business never have to deal with such sensitive credit card information directly as you are constantly protected. It is our obligation to you that our security meets the strictest standards.



Worldwide affordable safety and security

Netpay ensure the safety or you clients’ information as well as yours while protecting your company from negative repercussions that can result from a security attack. This is obviously done while providing you and your clients with excellent, full featured payment processing products, solutions and services suited to your company’s budget.

    As a global leader holding partnerships with over 100 acquiring banks our payment services can help your business enter the worldwide market of e-commerce. We will run global transactions for you in various countries and currencies without you paying conversion fees. It is our excellent services and terms that have brought millions around the world to be part of Netpay.

To ensure the protection of your e-commerce transactions join Netpay today. For further information or register to a secure payment gateway solutions contact us today.