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Online payments anywhere anytime

Netpay provides worldwide online payment gateway solutions. We are a one stop shop offering a flexible state of the art platform, personally customized to clients’ needs anytime anywhere.


Business services

We are here for you from day one, even before you have declared your business establishment we will provide you with our full services to get you set ready and go with online payments, credit card features and all online payment gateways. Our cutting edge technology alongside business partnerships with over a 100 acquiring banks worldwide ensures that our global clients are able to process transactions easily and in the most secure manor.

  • PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant
  • SHA-256 Encrypted
  • 24 hour Fraud and Chargeback Prevention
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Online payments that pay off



Standard Pricing

Visa / Mastercard consumer credit & debit
+ €0.25

Visa / Mastercard Corporate, American Express, Discover & Diners
+ €0.25

Non-EU Transactions
+ €0.25



Global transactions

Business partnerships with over a 100 acquiring banks worldwide ensure that our global clients are able to process transactions easily, to any bank of their choice, with approval ratio, at any country and in the most secure manor.



We protect your online payments 24/7 while developing, improving and adapting our systems to the changes in the credit card sector and threats, so you can conduct your business in the most secure way.


User friendly

Our online system is designed for your comfort and is based on 20 years’ experience where each client is our source of improvement. We’re constantly improving and adjusting ourselves to our clients needs to ensure their cash flow. Now you and many more can run through our system with ease and control it without an effort.


Get the best Enjoy the rest

We have developed a state of the art system has been successfully implemented in worldwide businesses, don’t be left behind and be part of that success.

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Perfection for you

With a state of the art online payment system, we are a one stop shop providing advanced solutions for all business types worldwide, if you have the need, we will provide a perfect custom made solution.


Every way to pay

We provide a range of payment options and it’s for you to choose the best one for you. 

Netpay holds partnerships with over a 100 over a 100 acquiring banks worldwide and our dynamic innovative platform supports 25 different currencies and various online payments including direct charging, tokenization, safe transaction and D3.



Payment gateway
Payment gateway

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Reloadable prepaid cards

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Global merchant services
Global merchant services

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Mobile point of sale & credit card reader
Mobile point of sale & credit card reader

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