Mobile point of sale & credit card reader

Point of sale re-imagined


One small app and a big difference that is made to make you money.

With our Swipe mobile app you can create your own point of sale solution and read on your IOS or Android all valid credit cards. Simply download the Swipe app then by plugging the credit card reader into your phone you’ll have an online merchant account available at all times.




Manage your business anywhere.


User friendly

Our easy going interface enables point of sale management and transactions tracking.


Item tracking

Now you can track everything from transactions down to inventory while keeping notes on all.


Manual management

Our Swipe app ensures you can always manually input a transaction in case that a client’s magnetic stripe ever fails.


Promotional codes

With Swipe you can enter discount codes or your clients.


“My dashboard keeps me updated about everything, every transaction that goes through. I simply love using it.”

  Bill Johnson

Verified client



Simplicity at its bets

Netpays credit card reader enables you to swipe credit cards anywhere anytime. Now that you have our latest reader for chip cards and NFC payments you can conveniently accept payments on you mobile in increase dramatically your client base.






ewallet solutions The easy way to pay

Netpay’s innovative eWallet account is the easiest way for you to pay family, friends and business associates. Our ewallat gives each user the freedom to link a bank account manage his money on computer, mobile by a user friendly dashboard.


Funds transactions

Easily send and receive funds via our eWallet that has no limits.


Secure transactions

Transfer fund securely to friends or business associates with ease within 24 hours.


Funds transactions

Netpay’s eWallet enables you limitless use for money transfers anytime and anywhere.


Ultimate security

Netpay’s eWallet provides the best security to ensure you can link a bank account, transfer money to family, friends and business associates with ease and manage your prepaid cards while knowing nothing can break in.


Prepaid card connection Connecting your card

  Now you can easily connect your eWallet to your prepaid card and use them online or at any store accepting MasterCard, while accessing your eWallet account.


Top security

  eWallet is another secure service by Netpay, that holds business partnerships with over a 100 acquired banks worldwide. This ensures your safety for every payment process you make anywhere in the world.


Experience & prestige

Over 20 years’ experience, developing a state of the art platform, providing innovative solutions and services have made Netpay a world leader for online payment gateway solutions.


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eWallet is the easiest and most innovative way to transfer money to family’ friends and business associates around the world.