Payment gateway

Enter the world of online transactions


Control is the name of the game

Netpay provides you with a user friendly online dashboard that will show you real time information about all of your business transactions and issue a full periodically report according to your personal settings. We will save you hours of work by simply doing everything automatically.


Device control

Our payment gateway is designed for all devices, if you are at home or on the road, you are always in full control as we provide support from home desktop to mobiles. With us the information you need is always available and safe in your hands.


Don’t think, sync

Netpay enables you to sync all your services on your desktop or mobile and so get real time live updates regarding all aspects of your business.


We adapt to size

Netpay advanced services and solutions are flexible and can be fitted to global firms as well as local businesses, it all depends on your needs and demands.


More tools, more features

When it comes to your payment gateway and protection, Netpay provides you with advanced features and tools so you can easily benefit from all our services and advantages.


Payment control

 Control your payments on your desktop or mobile with ease.


Data control

Manage all your clients’ relevant data in order to increase you future campaign engagement.


Security control

At Netpay we constantly screen and control transaction to protect you at all times from fraud and chargeback issues.


Affiliate control

It’s all in your hands as you control your affiliates, resellers, commission and more. We simply provide you with full reports about your decisions.


Billing control

With Netpay it’s easy and simple to control all billing aspects.


Fraud control

At Netpay your protection is our number one priority that’s why we constantly update our fraud technology keeping one step ahead of everyone else.



As a pioneer and world leader in the field of online payment solutions Netpay has developed its own unique state of the art payment gateway platform providing all-inclusive services for all. The system is PCI level 1 the highest certification in the payment industry. Our dynamic innovative platform supports 25 different currencies and various online payments including direct charging, tokenization, safe transaction and D3.



Netpay is a pioneer and world leader in the field of online payment solutions continuously developing cutting edge technology while holding business partnerships with over a 100 acquiring banks worldwide. This makes us your ideal business partner.


Mix and Match

At Netpay you can combine our payment gateway with any of our online shopping solutions. This will increase your clients’ online experience making it an enjoyable and memorable one ensuring they’ll come back again.


Get started

Netpay support team is here for you at all time to assist you with your integration process. Just let us know when you’re free.


Choose your cart

Netpay collaborates with all shopping cart software ensuring you get the best service you need. We can personalize your page add your logo and other settings to help you advertise your brand.