Low, flat rate pricing will enable your business to soar ever higher Payment methods suited for you

With Netpay you can accepts all major credit card brands in a safe and secure manor as well as alternative payment methods suited for your needs.

By accepting brands such as: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and many more will open up new business opportunities for you.


Simple payouts

We offer you several payout options suited for your personal needs. Schedule your payments and enjoy safe and secure transactions.


Credit cards & prepaid cards

At Netpay we like to keep it simple for you, therefor you get a fixed percentage and fee for any transaction made, no matter which credit card brand your clients use.


Alternative payment methods

Netpay has Partnerships with over a 100 acquired banks worldwide which enable us to provide you with a range of alternative payment methods. It’s all up to you and your preferences.



One solution integrating and interconnecting all of your payment needs.



NextGen payment gateway

Our easy to use online management desktop or mobile dashboard provides you with real time information, so you can manage your business and payments anytime anywhere.


Quick pay

Our highway to immediately integrate, accept payments and get access to all of our payment solutions and features.


Direct integration

This service requires a higher level of coding but offers you a more personalized service suited for merchants who need a top choice solution.


Netpay Prepaid Cards

This is a simple and easy way for merchants manage their payments. By using our user friendly dashboard they can pay employees, associates or representatives and other users directly to their prepaid cards accounts. Any retailer that accepts MasterCard can use it.


Swipe mPOS / Android & iOS

Our Swipe solution provides you with the advanced option of managing your payments on you mobile, tablet or any other device. Your online payment solution has never been as simple as processing payments on your mobile.


eWallet / Android & iOS

Netpay’s advanced eWallet enables you to link up any bank account add money and manage payments with a user friendly prepaid card.

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  • Painless PCI Compliance
  • Customizable Fraud Scrub
  • Powerful Dashboard Tools
  • Free API Integration Assistance
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Mobile Dashboard
  • Global Scalability in 164 Currencies
  • SHA-256 Secure Encryption
  • Free Pre-Built Shopping Cart Integrations
  • Free Integration Assistance
  • Diverse Banking Relationships
  • 10+ Years Industry Experience
  • Regional Offices in Every Continent



Have a unique business model?

Netpay provides unique solutions to clients with unique business models. We are here for you with out of the box solutions to personalized fit for you and your business.

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