Reloadable prepaid cards

Payouts are simply easier with your prepaid card directly on your dashboard.


Netpay The right way to pay

  Managing your payouts has just become easier. On our dashboard you can directly manage your payouts to representatives, sales associates or anyone you choose on your network, our eWallet save you time and is highly efficient.


Anywhere anytime

Our global clients are already using our prepaid card. The world is moving forward so don’t be left behind.


Faster, better

With our prepaid card uploading cash to one or multiple cards has never been faster or easier and is available for you 24/7.


Flexible service fee

We will consider your personal needs and suit them the best way possible for any currency or affiliate payout solution.


Available everywhere

With us you can withdraw money anywhere in the world that accepts MasterCard and it’s just one more Netpay advantage.


If they accept MasterCard, they’ll accept you.

With Netpay your prepaid card is fully protected at all times.




Advanced EMV technology

our advanced technology will get you accepted by all merchants using chip enabled terminals with the utmost security level protecting you all the time.


At your service

Netpay holds a customer support line available for you 24/7 to assist you with your prepaid card, account or any issue you want to get immediate answers. We stop at nothing to provide you with fast, efficient and polite service even regarding technical matters.


Money moves faster

With Netpay you can access your money anytime, anywhere, on any device so you can manage your business safely.


Safe & sound

Security is our first name, just like in all our services so too with our prepaid card it is protected by PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified security as well as SHA-256 SSL encryption.


The best way to pay

eWallet is a game changer making payments faster more efficient and easier for all.


Global use

    By using our eWallet and prepaid card you can buy, transfer money and enter your account anywhere you are. We are constantly linked up to you so you can do thing in a much more efficient way.


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with our prepaid card: