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Credit card processing for video games businesses

Gaming platforms have become a common thing and are becoming more diverse with different types of games available on mobile devices. We have created a state of the art payment technology providing flexible payment processing solutions designated for online video games.

We have designed a leading & tokenization technology that allows your users a simple, secure way to conduct in-game purchases without disrupting the gameplay experience.

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Our Payment Processing Solutions for Video Games Business

  • All-inclusive Solutions for video game businesses
  • Partnerships with over 100 acquired banks worldwide
  • Rates starting at only 1%
  • Transfer your profit directly into your bank account
  • PCI Level 1 compliance secure data transfers
  • Fraud Scrub technology to reduce declined payments
  • Robust reporting system to track your transactions
  • 98% application approval rate
  • Integrate our solution within 12 hours


Netpay’s services are trusted by hundreds of video game companies worldwide

Netpay has become a highly regarded payment solution provider among gaming companies around the world. They trust us and our extensive partnerships with over 100 acquiring banks worldwide. Our perfect track record includes helping hundreds of online game publishers with various degree of payment processing & payout services requirements. These services saw a 30-40% increase in revenue for our merchants due to increase in approved transactions.


Worldwide relationships with acquired banks for payment processing

Collaborating with Netpay enables you to perform online credit card transactions on a global scale. Our relationships with over 100 acquired banks worldwide ensure that you have multiple options for payments processing. Your company’s’ location is irrelevant as you can accept payment from just about anyone anywhere.

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Why choose Netpay?


Industry leading security

Your security is our business, that’s why our state of the art fraud scrub technology implements sophisticated filtering systems to detect and screen suspicious transactions, while reducing the number of declined ones therefor diminishing the chances of your merchant account being terminated. Our company has PCI Level 1 compliance that ensures that all of your credit card information is transferred online securely.

Mutual Success

Your success is our success. Our mission is to make you as well as all our clients successful. This is the vision our company was built on. We strive to do so by providing you advanced all- inclusive services at lower rates, costs while staying committed to you all the way. Netpay is a partner you can trust to help you grow as it provides payment processing services and does beyond the basic duties for you.

Customer Support like no other

Netpay has created a customer support department that will go as far as possible to help you grow your video game business. From the first conversation to being part of the setting up of your payment processing on your website, our excellent customer support people will be with you all along the way. It is our goal to make the process of accepting online payments as simple as possible while you increase your profits and upgrade your business.

Alternative payment solutions

At Netpay we do more for you that includes providing alternative payment options. By sending us your declined transactions that your primary payment processor cannot process and we will find a payment solution for you. Companies worldwide have chosen to integrate Netpay as an alternative payment option and managed to save an average of 12% on their total sales, recovering 68% of their previous declined transactions. Our rates start at 1%.

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